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Are you king/queen of knowing all the things going on in your business? I know I certainly am, and if you’re like many small business owners, I’m sure you are as well. Understanding what’s going on at all times – what’s on your to do list tomorrow, how your clients are doing, answering all of […]

Are You Too Close To Your Business?

Business Coaching

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Ever wonder why sometimes you just can’t seem to move forward and reach that next level? If you’re like me, maybe you’ve tried to work harder, add on more tactics, and wondering why the things that used to work just don’t any more?  It’s frustrating (I know, trust me, I’ve been there!). When I get […]

Why the things that used to work just don’t any more…

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Some of the best business advice I’ve ever received from my mentors is to “work from the end in mind.” It took me a few months to actually understand what this meant, but by using this advice, it changed the trajectory of my business (and my life!) for the better!  What does this mean exactly? […]

The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received

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