Ep. 3 | Rising Beyond: A Guide to Your Energetic Blocks & What to Do to Overcome Them

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Are you ready to reclaim your power & overcome what’s blocking you?

If you’re human, you’re going to want to tune into this episode. Because as people and part of the human experience, I can guarantee you one thing – that you have an energetic block to overcome…

In this episode, you will learn the art of identifying and overcoming energetic blocks (the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and taking action towards your goals), how they are impacting your life, and what you can do to begin overcoming them.

If you’ve ever felt drained creatively, triggered by something or somebody, doubtful or disconnected from your business to seeking other people’s approval & questioning what you’re doing is the “right thing” – then this podcast is for you.

You have the power from within to help overcome these blocks – and the first step is to know where you’re starting & how they are manifesting in your life.

Episode Timestamps:

  • 00:27 – Introduction 
  • 01:57 – Understanding energetic blocks: what are they & how they impact you
  • 05:10 – Identifying common forms of blocks & how to come aware if you have them
  • 08:28 – How energetic blocks manifest in your body: the mind/body connection
  • 11:28 – How you may be trapping & leaking your energy
  • 12:16 – Working with your subconscious mind, patterns & its influence on your energy
  • 16:54 – Exercise: one simple question to help you begin to move past your energetic blocks
  • 18:44 – What’s up next? Uncovering how to move past your procrastination with Dr. Christine Li.
  • 19:21 – Listener Appreciation: a special gift just for you! 

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