Are You Too Close To Your Business?

August 2, 2020

Are you king/queen of knowing all the things going on in your business? I know I certainly am, and if you’re like many small business owners, I’m sure you are as well. Understanding what’s going on at all times – what’s on your to do list tomorrow, how your clients are doing, answering all of the emails. You are on top of it! 

But, when does being this close to your business work to your disadvantage? 

Being a small business owner means that there is no such thing as separating work and your life because every decision you make, is a decision that impacts your life. We’ve built our businesses with hard work and a lot of passion. And, because we own them, we’re also responsible for its success. 

Our emotions are connected and it’s hard to turn our minds off – even when we try to take a break. It’s checking our emails and our business instagrams and if we don’t have access to our phones, that anxious feeling you get in the pit of your stomach makes it hard to fully disconnect. 

If this is the case for you, you may be too close to our businesses to see clearly. 

When we lack this clarity, we often can’t see our blindspots… and our blindspots are not only places that need our attention, but they are also our BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY.

An opportunity to grow your business and oftentimes, a new perspective.

Similar to a best friend… the one that will tell you if you have food stuck in your teeth instead of letting you sit there with it for hours? Having someone in your business that’s similar to that best friend is what will help you start to see what you can’t.

Having someone there to guide you through your challenges that helps you refocus, reprioritize and develop a strategy that works for you, and what will move the needle forward in the future.

Every successful business owner has someone they can lean on. And, in full transparency I have a team of coaches & mentors myself that have been an invaluable part of both my personal and entrepreneurial growth… helping me see what I can’t see. And in seeing clearly, climbing that ladder becomes effortless.

Take my hand, I’ve got you,

– Lindsay

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