Why the things that used to work just don’t any more…

July 26, 2020

Ever wonder why sometimes you just can’t seem to move forward and reach that next level? If you’re like me, maybe you’ve tried to work harder, add on more tactics, and wondering why the things that used to work just don’t any more? 

It’s frustrating (I know, trust me, I’ve been there!). When I get to this point of feeling like I’ve hit a plateau and seeing that things just aren’t progressing like they used to anymore, I ask myself “Did I already reach my original goal?” “Did I change my goal and now want more?”

Here’s a secret, most of the time, we don’t continue to grow our strategies once we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. We think that it worked, so it must work for other things we want in our business as well. 

But, the truth is, doing the same things in your business will keep getting you the same results. 

Guess what – if you’ve been running the same advertising, going to the same networking events, and doing just as you always have, how do you expect anything to change? 

When you started your business, that was new, right? It was something different and because you were doing something different in your life, your business grew. Then, you may have added on different services, and you started to get different results, right? So, in order to keep growing, the way you do things will also need to continually change to get to that next level.

It’s about discovering what else you could be doing to add to your strategy. Sometimes it’s about changing up your client experience. Maybe it’s about connecting with new people. Offering new services and/or knowing exactly how to price yourself? It could be about updating your brand, your systems or revamping your sales process…. And sometimes, it’s about looking at it all with a new lens. 

So, I invite you to ask yourself, “what would it make possible if I tried something new in my business?” And, if you knew that there was no right or wrong answer, what would you choose to do? 

What got you here, won’t get you there…. But, I’m here to help you figure it out!

– Lindsay

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